NSU2D (Navier-Stokes Unstructured 2D)

is a fully self contained package for single and multi-element airfoil analysis. The same robust, reliable and proven algorithms, that make NSU3D the tool of choice for airframe designers, in a complete package for rapid evaluation of single and multiple element airfoil shapes. Now in Beta testing 6.0, featuring newly developed graphical interfaces making it easier than ever to create 2 dimensional grids and analyze airfoils. Create new meshes from raw .dat files using UMESH2D. Immediately begin evaluation using our quick and easy to use NSU2D Solver interface.


NSU2D Features
  • Two-dimensional flow over complex geometries
  • High speed, compressible flow including shock waves
  • Viscous solution with proven Spalart-Almaras one equation turbulence model
  • Multi-grid for convergence acceleration
  • Fully threaded for fast execution on multi-core hardware


NSU2D Meshing with UMESH2D

  • State-of-the-art mesh generation tool for multi-element geometry
  • Wake mesh refinement via novel internal panel method
  • Easy to use meshing interface